How to train to sculpt the pectoral muscles and develop their mass: tips and strategies


ЯкорьBibs are the first business card of a bodybuilder, but what are the exercises and tools to train them best? Let’s find out together.

Thick, wide and sculpted breastplates are what identifies a real man. But how can certain results be achieved? Obviously also these muscles, like many other bodily characteristics, are affected by the genetic form of each one: some will have the large and not very thick, others with a more closed form and so on. Regardless of this factor, however, the deficient muscles must be trained and attacked from various angles: better than to push with the dumbbells or use a barbell? Is it correct to think of defining your bibs without first having developed the mass and strength sufficiently? I see many guys in the gym dedicating themselves to an infinite number of seats on the bench, ending up running out early on the level of the triceps rather than the bibs. Buy real steroids online is very simple. In this article, thanks to the experience of Master Wallace, we will go into all these topics and more: read on if you want bibs worthy of the name!

ЯкорьSculpting the bibs: dumbbells or barbells? The two schools of thought

There are basically two schools of thought in the development of the pectoral muscles; there are those who say that the dumbbells are more effective, as they allow a better excursion in the eccentric movement and therefore to fully lengthen the pectoral muscles. Others, on the other hand, are convinced that the greater load that the balance allows to use ensures greater mass development. What’s the truth? Without a doubt, bench press remains the most important exercise ever and contributes to creating a great thickness in the lower part of the pectoral muscles, as well as allowing you to build strong and massive triceps.

Unfortunately, the critical lengthening of the pectoral muscle with the barbell does not take place and we all know how important this is to trigger growth: what to do, then? Simple: after the bench, you have to act with a powerful isolation and stretching exercise! And to achieve this, nothing is more effective than the crosses performed on the cables or on a flat bench with two dumbbells: in the latter case, if the exercise is done properly and with an average load (between 8 and 10 repetitions ) contribute to building mass on the outside of the chest; with cables, on the other hand, the muscle is better shaped in the central part, due to the greater and continuous tension. The logical sequence that derives from it, therefore, consists of the flat bench followed by the crosses on the bench, and finally the crosses on the cables.

ЯкорьHow to train your bibs according to the logic of natural bodybuilding

To sculpt your chest better without using doping drugs and anabolic steroids, you will have to rely on natural logics: the same ones that made Master Wallace’s physique so massive. So, always do the bench press first, with pyramidal or inverse pyramidal series (based on your length of training); then the crosses with the dumbbells and the cables, and finally the pushes with the dumbbells. Only in this way can everything make sense: many, however, carry out the thrusts immediately after the bench, leaving the burden of the triceps to take on most of the load.

Precisely for this reason, it is always better to intersperse the two by inserting crosses as a pre-exhaustion; the secret is to combine all this in synergy and with logic. If you do not do this, your every workout will be in vain because of chronic overtraining; this condition will prevent your muscle growth from progressing, eliminating all efforts made. As I always emphasize, moreover, you will have to consider the factor of the single frequency or the multifrequency: in fact, it makes no sense to train the legs on the same day you will train the muscle group of the torso! With the cards of the MWS System, you will avoid all these dangers and you will be sure to follow strategies perfectly suited to your physical level.

ЯкорьThe bibs low: what they are and how to make them stand out in the best way

Many bodybuilders are pestered by low pectorals. But what does it mean? In essence, the term itself does not exist from a technical point of view. There are the pectoralis major and the pectoral clavicular insertion; what is called «low pectorals» are actually well-sculpted and defined pectorals, with a clearly visible and marked lower part: the so-called detachment of the abdomen. To obtain this aesthetic result, start eating less and perform a substantial aerobic activity, useful to dissolve the fatty layer that prevents the muscles from being visible.

The ideal exercise for the so-called «low pectorals» is the bench declined with dumbbells: you will have to be very inclined, almost perpendicular to the floor and then open your arms holding the dumbbells to a deep extension. You will feel the muscles stretched and for this reason, I advise you never to use heavy loads and not to keep your arms stretched: they must remain semi-closed, at about 90 °, throughout the execution. Alternatively, you can try your hand at the dip, holding the parallels in the part where they curve and going down slowly and completely; go up without fully extending the triceps and piston-like a car piston! No additional plate needed. If you do it well, your body weight will suffice: I myself, who weighs 90 kg, using only 30 I only got inflammation of the elbows. So, body weight, continuous tension and off you go.

ЯкорьHow to overcome the difficulties in the growth of the bibs

The bibs are the first business card of an imposing physique: a t-shirt should always pull and be marked by your muscles. In addition, the bibs give a proud and healthy appearance. Unfortunately, however, some have difficulties in being able to develop them: it is a question of fibers, of course, but often also of wrong workouts and combinations. In the meantime, it is good to underline one thing: if you do not have a big chest, this does not mean that you have to train it every day; indeed, once a week, if done well and with a good variety of exercises, it is enough. The base, as already said, is and always remains the flat bench, as it helps muscle development and gives strength; in other exercises, therefore, higher weights will be used in a pump. If you are standing at 40 kg of bench, with the crosses you will use a maximum of 8 kg! It is obvious that your chest does not grow.

Therefore give priority to the flat bench, while the inclined bench will serve instead for the upper portion of the chest (clavicular) which is much smaller and which is trained the same; also, use the dumbbells to better stretch your muscles. As we said a few lines ago, also consider the parallels as an extra weapon for your chest: go down well without fully extending your arms, pectorals, and triceps will thank you. If you experience difficulties, start with 3 sets of crosses to help the blood flow and then move on to bench presses, parallel bars, crosses to cables and so on.

ЯкорьWhy doesn’t the chest grow? The most effective strategies to adopt

I have already specified it at the beginning and I want to reiterate it: often the reasons why the breast does not develop adequately must be sought in the genetic confirmation of each one (little white fiber of power in the breast, for example); at other times, however, the causes are identified in a wrong approach in training and also in integration. The ideal would be to take creatine, glutamine, arginine, and proteins first of all; also important to try to train the chest on Monday, when you are more physically and mentally charged. Furthermore, if you realize that you have two enema shoulders and two triceps, your poor chest growth will be found in the training methods and you will necessarily have to change your strategy.

How to do? First, let’s start bringing blood to your chest muscles: the Pectoral Machine is a machine that allows the pectorals to work individually, without affecting the triceps. 3 or 4 sets of 10 or 12 reps with just one minute of recovery. Now, with this swelling, go to the usual stretches on a flat bench with a barbell and make 100 kg of ceiling; or 90, if you really don’t succeed (in this case you do three series at 70%). Then move on to the inclined Peck Deck or to the Multipower, with 3 sets of 12. To the second set, if you stop at 8 repetitions, scale down and continue; do the same to the third. To conclude, adequately tighten the bibs with 2 or 3 sets of crosses with dumbbells: 3 sets of 10 done well and with really fast recoveries!


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